Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Episode #9: Connect Yourself

We're doing all the leg work on these connections. For you.
I, DJ Nico got to produce my own show this week. It was both thrilling and anxiety-ridden. I was not sure how exactly I wanted to execute this particular topic. I think that it went fairly well. This week's show was themed around getting involved on-campus either through student organizations or student activities. We put a spotlight on Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SALP) here at PSU, and had a representative student leader, Rolan, guest-star and talk about his involvement. We also had a fellow orientation leader, Valery join us and give insight to balancing on-campus involvement and how to maintain productive involvement in a healthy way! We have such great student leaders. Thanks Rolan and Valery for joining us. 

Getting involved in an activity on-campus helps you, as a student, get better grades, expand your social circles: possibly to even more diverse spaces, increase your "happiness quotient," and path a successful road to graduation through leadership positions. Four main points behind getting involved: 
Don't fall victim!
  1. Connecting and navigating PSU. This is a big school and a lot of the time students feel disconnected. It is good to have mentors, any shape or form, that have your back and can give you tips on getting adjusted.
  2. Balance is important. I know I always manage to find a million ways to be involved on-campus and have to take a step back and acknowledge my current commitments and the adjustments that would need to be made if I tried to take on, uh, a million different on-campus activities. Make sure to maintain a balance that is productive and healthy, if you find yourself feeling as if you're being pulled at all ends you should consider reassessing your involvement and priorities! You're not Stretch Armstrong. 
  3. Friends and identity. There are a lot of opportunities put together by SALP and other departments on campus for you to meet new people. PSU has over 30,000 students, and I can assuringly say there's a group of people that can't wait to meet you. Yeah, I'm corny, so what. There are also plenty of student organizations that range from Academic groups, Arts related, Multicultural, Political, Advocacy, and Spiritual interests. You are bound to find a group that speaks to how YOU want to get involved. 
  4. Connecting your Academics to reality. Good grades and a well-maintained GPA are very important. But PSU wants to see and hear you involved on-campus. Your involvement reflects your commitment to maintaining your grades and successfully finishing school.
  5. Career skills and leaderships...are two peas in a pod. Leadership positions available all over campus let you grow into the confident, articulate, and unique individual that you are. Graduate schools, future career options, scholarships, and grants are looking for students who make time to get involved with their university's community. Before I got involved with the Orientation team, I would stress over class presentations and job interviews...now these are both things that I get excited about doing and interviewers feel my energy and excitement. 
SALP has two events coming up in January, the Party Near The Park (Jan. 19) and the Leadership Conference (Jan. 20). To find more information about SALP, existing student organizations or upcoming events visit: salp.pdx.edu

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