Saturday, November 2, 2013

Getting into Shape with the Rec Center - Featuring the Coordinator of Rec Clubs, Peter Kramer "K-Dog!"

Getting into Shape with the Rec Center - Featuring Peter Kramer

Great time with the Coordinator of Rec Clubs, Peter Kramer - Renamed “K-Dog!”
He oversees 31 Rec Clubs [and counting]. They are funded by your student fee’s and they have the ability to pay for all types of things including renting vehicles, hotels, and other expenses. Sounds nice right?
This Rec center video “You Can Play” will show you how nice i mean…
If you want to start a Rec Club group go to room 236 in the Rec center [they like face to face]

Podcast to hear the Show: 

DJ’s Great Scott and Thrillhouse will be out of town accepting the The Innovative Program Award by NASPA next Friday!!! & They will be staying in a hotel with the largest indoor/outdoor pool in America. But don't fret, they will have time to call in and tell us how its going. 
The topic for next week will be on Student Debt & the Pay it Forward Plan. We hope to have Sami Alloway (a student from the Capstone Class that created the plan) on air next Friday at 3pm in Smith Memorial Student Union, & Streaming World-wide. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

SALP and ASPSU Show w/ Student Body Pres. Harris Foster and their Advisor, Candace Avalos

Interested in Leadership? 

SALP will support you! and ASPSU will advocate for you.

Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SALP) oversees 180 campus groups and ASPSU distributes your student fee’s. 
Sidenote: Being invested with campus organizations has a direct relationship to your commitment to staying in school and getting good grades. It also gives many people purpose because they are fighting for something larger than themselves. 

If you're interested in hearing about,  joining, or creating a campus group, look into 
And if you have the heart for Politics, Checkout ASPSU:

Fast Forward the Shows Podcast to 16:00 to hear more from your Student Body President - Harris Foster, and their SALP Adviser - Candace Avalos.