Monday, November 28, 2011

Episode #7: MajorQuest II

We're dealin' with your paper jams. For you.
Great Scott and DJ Thrillhouse brought the house down (in a good way) when we left them without the supervision of DJ SpinnerElla or me. We're proud of our fellow advisers for managing to put together a great episode without DJ SpinnerElla or I...Not that we don't trust them to do exactly this when we are there! MajorQuest II featured DJ Thrillhouse's own game entitled "Name That Major!" I am really bummed I wasn't able to play it. Two students, Sheena and Jamie were special guests for this episode and gave input on their own journey to deciding their majors. Nelson's Deep Voice was featured in this episode and DJ Thrillhouse taught our listeners How To Fix A Paperjam. Cool. 

Please Read: The past few weeks have been pretty staggered and hectic for myself, DJ Nico, and advisers DJ SpinnerElla, Great Scott, and DJ Thrillhouse. As faithful followers of our blog I'm sure you've noticed my lacking upkeep of the blog, and inaccessbility to our recorded podcasts*. KPSU has been dealing with a dead server, which has prevented access to any recordings for our last couple of shows which in turn has made it difficult to maintain the blog about episodes! We're hoping things will be figured out soon. Our last episode of the term is coming up on Monday, December 5, 2011 and we'll hope you'll join us. 

*I won't be posting a link to the podcast per usual as it is inaccessible. I will continue checking up on it and will update the links when and if the server gets up an running.

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