Monday, November 7, 2011

Episode #6: Support Our Veterans

We brought Allen Roberts to our show. For you.

This weeks episode features a profile on our Veteran students and Veterans Services, at PSU. We interviewed two student veterans, Britni and Jesse, along with Veteran Certification Officer, Allen Roberts. We talk about the veteran perspective in the PSU community, and how sometimes our veterans live the differences between being non-traditional college students and their peers, who are usually traditional college students. Britni and Jesse encourage student veterans to seek out community at PSU and contribute through student groups or volunteer at events (Britni was an Orientation Leader this past summer, and is now the Women's Veteran Outreach Coordinator for the Women's Resource Center at PSU). 

Britni and Jesse reflect on the misconceptions that come with being a veteran student, and the hardship that comes with meeting new people on-campus. Britni comments on her perspective as to the varying reasons why many opt to pursue the military route, and what the G.I. Bill actually does for our veteran students. Jesse finishes up the interview with a great comment on how non-veterans can support veteran students on campus, stating that they should reach out to employment that supports veteran students and other opportunities. 

You can be supportive by attending Viking Vets (if you have questions, or if you're a veteran looking for support): Viking Vet's Site

Allen Roberts, the Veteran Certification Officer here at PSU, shares his insight on being a veteran himself, and how he really encourages student veterans to get in contact with Veterans Student Services, or himself, for support or questions, as well as anyone who wants to talk about their options of possibly pursuing the military route. 

Allen Roberts, Veteran Certification Officer
p. (503) 725-5547
l. Neuberger Hall 104

Britni Mimms, Women Veteran Outreach Coordinator
p. (503) 725-5672 (WRC main line)
l. Montgomery Hall Basement (Women's Resource Center)

Scott impresses us by knowing what a doula is, or rather, tries to show up our guest Britni...but we all know Britni knows better. And chit chat minutes gets a little weird, when everyone decides unicorns don't exist (uh, obviously they do guys) and Nelson can't be a dinosaur.

Veteran's Events:

Veteran's Day Celebration, Thursday, Nov. 10 from 12pm-2pm
in Parkway North (SMSU 101). 

Hiring Our Heroes - Career & Benefit Fair, Saturday, Nov. 19 from 9am-3pm
at Clackamas Community College in Gregory Forum. 

Other things to note: 

Deadline to withdraw from a course and receive a W on your record is this Sunday, November 13!

Back to the future:
Next weeks episode is MajorQuest #2, the handsomer brother of MajorQuest #1. It will be a great show and we're all excited about it. 

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