Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Episode #1: Welcome New Students

Turntable Advising: Episode #2 MajorQuest will air on Monday, 10/10. 

We've digitalized ourselves. For you.
Episode #2 is themed MajorQuest and will be about exploring majors and tips on how to go about choosing a major! We're planning on interviewing Sam Gioia from our own School of Social Work. Also, tune in to hear a clip from RoadTrip Nation, and a new segment on our show...Scott's Morsels! 

DJ Thrillhouse aka Nelson will not be joining us on this episode, unfortunately. 

Recap on Episode #1: First show!
Dr.Jackie Balzer (PSU Vice Provost, click HERE for more info) met with Great Scott and SpinnerElla for an interview about her leadership in Student Affairs, and we heard just how passionate she is about PSU and its students. We also played a favorite song of Jackie's titled Shout by The Isley Brothers. 

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