Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Episode #3: Victor Says Relax

This weeks theme was STRESS! STRESS. STRESS. STRESS. We've made it to the fourth week of fall term already, and we wanted to give you an opportunity to unwind and relax...with us!

We're bringin' the wild to the radio waves. For you.
Dr. Aziz Gazipura joins us, and talks us through a relaxation exercise. This exercise really helped all of us, except Nelson, as he was freaking out due to the fact that once again we couldn't get our intro. song to play. Fail. 

Nelson introduces 'Relax' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Ella racks our brains with a Stress Quiz! Aziz and I, DJ Nico team up against Thrillhouse and Great Scott. 

Best quote of the show: "Thanks, Dr. Dingo." -Nico. You need to listen to this episode to know why it's do it. We get an opportunity to interview Aziz, and find that he's a pretty cool doctor, if there ever was one! Sweet jam by AIR 'All I Need' is played and we finish up our interview with Aziz, he even mentions Star Wars. 

Bob Marley ends our episode, not a bad way to start the week. 

Contact information for Dr. Aziz Gazipura: 
Site: (this is a center that Aziz is leading, check it out)

Need more info. on mental health, or ways to de-stress? Check out the
Student Health and Counseling Center at the Portland State University Campus. As a student you get access to the PSU health insurance when you're taking 5 or more credit hours. Here is a link to the site:

Preview for our 10/24 Episode: Careers...(Title TBD, you'll just have to tune in.) We're planning on focusing this episode on the Fall Career and Internship Fair that is occurring that Monday, October 24, 2011 from 11am to 3pm in the SMSU ballroom. Here is a link to the Career Center website, where you can find an extensive list of the employers that will be at the fair: Great Scott will be there earlier in the day, and I, DJ Nico will be checking out the fair around 2pm. Hope to see you all there. Remember to dress as you would for a job interview and bring plentiful copies of your resumes. 

Takin' you to the future and back: We're super excited for our Halloween episode (10/31) and can promise you spooky stories from the DJs, a possible behind the scenes video, and a revamp of a song that you won't want to miss!