Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First Summer Show - Deyalo's Initiation

Monday at 4pm was the first summer show, and the first day for the new intern Deyalo Bennette.
He was initiated by a Bernard Pivot Questionnaire, and responded like a Pro.
He loves freedom, and hates the word "Can't". 
He also hopes God will pat him on the back, and say good job when he reaches the pearly gates, so don't expect anything weak from him. 

We started off with the song Unaware by Allen Stone, a semi-local artist from our sister city Seattle.
Aside from his blow-away vocals, his message was to be aware. 
Aware of the context we live in, the deficit, aware of our governmental authority, and aware of your own personal interest. 

Coincidentally, after the song we moved into a conversation about how to de-stress. 
and steps 1-7 were all about "AWARENESS". 
Physical, Emotional, Impulse, Consequence, Reality, Solution, and Benefit "Awareness". 
Each are important, but we concluded that its unlikely someone will (or can) enact all of these in a fight or flight moment, like the article suggested. 
The next article had tips to de-stress during finals week.
It suggested to exercise, sleep, drink water, and change mindset. We all agree'd that those were probably best, but then it failed when it suggested to play video games, and eat chocolate. Everything else on the list would distract most students from finals.
The best advice I can give is to stay centered, and focus!

If you want to find a center, Listen to "The Real You" by Alan Watts. 
We played this at 4:30, and his message was the real you is this Universe. and to not live in fear, because once you challenge your fear you realize its an illusion. 
This very existential speech talks about the state of being everything! 
If you don't understand this, listen to the talk (Linked Here
It lays everything out simply and beautifully. 

The last video had people in the radio station tearing up. "The Greatest Speech Ever Made" by Charlie Chaplin was made in the 1940's, but it is still so relevant in 2013, and perhaps more important given our current state of the world.
This touches back on "Awareness", to take a moment and think about striving for our best  possible selves and the best possible society we can create. (Linked Here:

And that was a wrap for our first summer show, and the first of many episodes with our superstar intern, Mr. Deyalo Bennette (soon to have an amazing DJ name).

A quick update:
THE SHOW WILL AIR ON THURSDAYS AT 10 AM FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS OF JULY, and will then revert back to our normally scheduled time of 4 pm on Mondays.

Have a great 4th of July!

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