Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hey everybody! Great Scott’s out for today’s pod cast  but we have Thrillhouse and he’s got big announcements for upcoming career related dealeos. 

The All Majors Career Fair is next week, Tues the 6th, 11-3pm in the SMSU Ballroom and it’s a hotspot for all upcoming graduates. There will be over 87 organizations who are interested in meeting YOU, so dress for success and have your resumes ready because this could be the chance of a lifetime. 
You can see the entire list of organizations at Also, this might be a great time to learn about internship opportunities as well.

Also, bunch o’ workshops this month:

Monday the 5th
 “Networking 101” 12-1:00pm (USB 402)
Resume and Cover letter workshop  2:30-3:30  

Wednesday the 7th
 “Meyers Briggs Type Indicator” workshop (Part I) 1-3:00 pm (USB 402)

Tuesday the 13th
Internship Overview 10-11:30am (USB 402)

Wednesday the 14th
“Meyers” (Part II) 1-3:00pm (USB 402)

Thursday the 15th
“Intro to Interview” 11:30-12:30pm (USB 402)


“What can I do with a degree in psychology?” seminar/workshop May 20th at 2 pm  in USB 402.

“What can I do with a degree in Sociology?” seminar/workshop May 21st  at 4 pm in CH 268. 

And check out the Portland Career fair May 29th at 6pm. Be sure to bring 10-15 copies of your resume
And pre-register at the website  

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