Saturday, February 15, 2014

Turntable advising -Valentine's Day edition (Awwwww!)

On this special podcast, the gang swaps Valentine's day stories. (Some they can't really talk about on air...)

Special guest: Ann Mestrovich! -Employer Relations Coordinator for the Advising and Career Services office. Career services offers workshops, resume building and review, etc. Ann talks about how to go about prepping to talk to employers about getting a career. Some students might be surprised to find how many internships and careers pertain to their chosen major. For students who went to the career fairs and were given cards and contact information - FOLLOW UP IMMEDIATELY. Get on linked in. Send a "thank you" email. 

Last week's career fairs where a smashing success!
Weds: Engineer and tech career fair - Awesome turnout. 400-500 students. Employers were really impressed with students, and companies are encouraging students to contact them and apply.

Career fairs are great for networking, finding about internships, practicums, etc. 
Get ready for the spring  career fair in May!

Scott gives a shout out the PSU students in general, "I'm consistently impressed  by the discussion topics, the attitudes, and the work that is being put out." He's using the students in the Pathways to Psychology course as a sample size for the entire PSU student population. "It's really refreshing... kudos to students out there!"

WE ARE HIRING PEER ADVISERS! APPS DUE Feb 21st. Go to link to the obtain the application. Email it directly to Scott or or turn it into the psych dept CH 317.

By the way, the end of next week is the deadline to drop a course (or change your grade)

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