Monday, October 21, 2013

Women's Resource Centers Call to Men!

Check out the Women's Resource Centers Call to Men!

Week 1 (October 4th) The Director of the Women's Resource Center (Jessica Amo "Jamo") came to our show and shared information about the Women's Resource Center, and their BIG BANG event of the Year in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Jessica and the WRC fiercely organized to shine light on men's role in Domestic Violence. They invited the Internationally recognized Tony Porter to our campus for two Workshops and a Keynote event Wednesday October 9th (A mandatory event for all student athletes -over 200 of them- since most people look to them as an idol of "Masculinity"). 

Tony Porter's organization "A Call to Men" trains institutions like the NBA, NFL, the Military and other organizations with a traditional view of masculinity - which are intense and sometimes unsafe places to question the socialization of men. Tony asks the hard questions like "How does gender socialization relate to the normalization of violence" and he has a gift at articulating what masculinity looks like, how can it look differently, and how to create safer communities.

Here is a link to Tony Porter's Infamous TED Talk:

Here is their website if your interested in the WRC:

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