Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And We Are Back!!! 4/16/12 Major Quest 3000

It's been awhile, but the blog is back for The Turntablizers of Turntable Advising.  This week, we had a surprise, last minute special guest of Mr. Micah Johnstone, a pillar of the Oregon community, recently completing and passing his Bar Exam, and who will soon be a member of the Oregon Bar Association.  We grilled Micah on his life path, discussing the ups and downs of his time at the University of Oregon, and how landscaping work in Alabama led him to his chosen professional path of working in the criminal law field.

Other banter included updates from DJ Jamo about current events happening on the PSU campus regarding Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the upcoming Bike Back the Night/Take Back the Night.  And once again, more of DJ Great Scott's relationship tidbits were discussed, including a follow up about IKEA shopping and living to tell the tale.  And on a side note, are the IKEA meatballs just not the same as they once were?  Something to ponder...

Check out all upcoming events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month at

Tune in next week where we will be Following the Green Brick Road to Student Leadership when we discuss Bike/Take Back the Night with a few different student leaders and discuss their pathways to success at PSU, and maybe we'll get Thrillhouse to talk about something interesting in his deep voice...  we'll just have to see about that.

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